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This website is only intended for Health Care Professionals (HCPs). You need to confirm that you are an HCP before proceeding.

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AIM Group Prague s.r.o., as data controller, informs you that any personal data you provide, or any data lawfully received by third parties, will be used in connection to your participation to the E-learning and/or to provide you with information regarding any other compatible activities organized by us and by any other company affiliated to the Group ("AIM Group"), to which AIM Group Prague s.r.o. itself belongs, and which are also located in other European countries.

Data treatment shall mean any operation, or set of operations, carried out with or without the help of electronic or automated means, and must guarantee the confidentiality and security of your personal data.

AIM Group Prague s.r.o., as data controller may avail itself or any other company affiliated to AIM Group, also located in other European countries, to carry out any of the following procedures: press releases, communications to clients, data processing and computer-based consultation. The data can be communicated to scientific associations, public or private agencies related to CME, financial and banking intermediaries, as well as companies participating to the event with promotional functions compatible with the purposes for which the data have been collected.

The provision of your personal data for purposes related to your participation to the e-learning is not obligatory, but refusal will prevent your participation to the e-learning. Otherwise, said provision aimed at sending free documentation for other initiatives of AIM Group Prague s.r.o. or other companies affiliated to AIM Group is optional, but refusal will not allow you to be informed on future training events conducted by AIM Group.

I have read the above data protection notice and I agree with its terms.

I acknowledge that, in accordance with the law on the protection of personal data, I have the right:

  • to withdraw this consent at any time;
  • to require an information from AIM Group Prague s.r.o. about the processed personal data;
  • to require AIM Group Prague s.r.o. to explain the processing of my personal data;
  • to require access my personal data;
  • to require AIM Group Prague s.r.o. to update, correct or erase my personal to data;
  • in case of doubt about compliance of personal data processing, to contact the AIM Group Prague s.r.o. or the Office for Personal Data Protection.

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